Australian High Commission donates books to Niue Primary school in time for the reading challenge

Niue Primary school students will be enjoying new books in their school library thanks to the donations from the Australian High Commission.

Principal Carol Edwards told BCN news that last year the Australia High Commissioner to Niue H.E Susan Allen visited the school and saw that the school’s library was in need of junior novels.

Last week, the school received many books from the Australian High Commissioner in time to begin their “100 Nights of Reading Challenge” in partnership with the students’ families.

Principal Edwards told BCN news that they are very excited to receive new books for the school “We were fortunate to be gifted books for our school library by Her Excellency Susan Allen on behalf of the Australian government. We are very excited as we are in need of these junior novels for our students”.

Principal Edwards says that they are excited to receive the books in time for the students to begin the 100 nights of reading challenge, which was a school initiative that began last year.

“On behalf of all students and teachers we thank the Australian government and Her Excellency Allen for the generous gift”.

Carol Edwards told BCN news that the challenge “Is to instil a love of reading in the students, which will benefit the students to help raise their achievement levels”.

The school’s message to the community as part of the reading challenge is “Working together to get Niue reading”.

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