Update on TV Niue reception to the southern side of the island and the power situation

TV Niue

TV Niue viewers of Avatele and Tamakautoga can now continue to enjoy TV Niue programmes. After two days of work, the BCN technicians have restored the TV Niue service to the two villages.

TV Niue reception to the southern villages of the island was down from last week due to the faults to the transmitting antenna at the repeater station at Kaho Avatele.

Attempts to climb the tower last week was hampered by the weather.

The General Manager Trevor Tiakia says that the BCN team of technicians began working yesterday with the help of heavy machinery were able to remove the faulty parts and repaired them late yesterday afternoon.

Today the team were able to restore the fixed transmitting antenna at the repeater station at Kaho, Avatele.

Update on the power situation

Issues with the power supply to the island continues as the team of Niue Power work with their tech support overseas to solve the problems. This afternoon Niue power advised that the power will be turned off from 11pm on Saturday night until 5am on Sunday morning from Alofi north to Liku and from Avatele to Hakupu.

Earlier this week Brandon Kulatea from the Ministry of Infrastructure responded to questions from BCN confirming that that parts needed to fix the interface between the Micro Grid Controller and the Tesla Batteries arrived on the Monday flight.

They have installed that part and the Micro Grid controller side of the system is working okay now but that they are still experiencing some fault conditions with the Tesla batteries.

Tesla is working remotely from their tech support team based in New Zealand consulting their Engineers in Australia and working with the Niue power team to conduct more tests.

Brandon Kulatea says that they want to make sure that everything is 100 per cent before they can put everything back online.

Niue Power and the Ministry of Infrastructure are thankful for the community’s support in conserving energy and minimising power consumption over the past week and ask the island to please continue to conserve energy consumption as they try to ensure that power generation for the island is at 100 percent.

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