PSC extends the contracts of three Director Generals

The Public Service Commission has decided to extend the contracts of the three Director Generals for 12 months.

According to the Secretariat of the Commission, the advertisements for the positions of the DGs and the Directors is in following current public service commission policy that after the incumbent has served 2 consecutive terms the positions are advertised.

However, this decision was retracted last week because of the appointment of a new line up of Cabinet Ministers, it was felt that that the timing wasn’t right. Therefore, the three Director General posts and some Heads of Departments positions advertised earlier have been extended for another 12 months and will be advertised at the end of that variation term.

According to the Secretariat of PSC, the Commission will still continue to apply the policy of advertising all HOD contracts after the incumbent has served 2 consecutive terms.

Earlier this month the three Director Generals positions were advertised along with the Director of Education, Director of Transport and the General Manager of Bulk Fuel.

This morning the Secretariat of the Public Service Commission confirmed that all six positions have been extended for a further 12 months.

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