BCN responds to PSC’s concerns over the new requirement for job applications story

The Public Service Commission last week issued an official circular regarding a story published by BCN on the new requirement for job applications in the Public Service.

The new requirement is that everyone applying for a vacancy advertised by the Public Service Commission must be accompanied by a Medical certificate and a Police Report. Each of these reports will cost $25 each which is a total of $50.

PSC claimed the story published by BCN had created confusion amongst the public.

However, General Manager of BCN Trevor Tiakia responded that the story was based on information provided by the PSC and the story did not attribute that the fee was being charged by PSC.

The story published online through TV Niue website and BCN facebook page had generated a lot of interests and comments from members of the public.

BCN News would like to clarify that any stories published and broadcasted is based on ethical reporting and based on facts gathered from relevant sources.

As with all news items, the stories are open to members of the public’s interpretation of information.

The role of the media is to be impartial and inform people on what is happening in their community and any developments that are of interest to the public.

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