Terry Coe calls for regular meetings for Members of Parliament

With the general elections being scheduled for May, Opposition MP Terry Coe is calling for a meeting of MPs to be held now and every three weeks till the general election. 

Coe believes it is important for the public to hear what is going on and the concern of each village member. 

The Rolls of each village he says should also be sorted out now. 

In the Fono meeting held earlier this year the Premier Sir Toke Talagi only announced that the general elections will be held in May however he is yet to announce the exact date as he had stated that he needed to consult with government lawyers. 

The Fono Ekepule has been postponed twice from two weeks ago since Covid 19 escalated to a pandemic.

“I want a meeting to be held now and every three weeks till the elections. I think that’s important so the listening public can hear what is going on and the concerns of the individual village member. The meeting for the election should also be announced and it should either be on the 30 of May or perhaps a month later but not any longer we should hold the elections and the people should vote for the members they want in the house.

The rolls for each village should be sorted out but they’ll be in a draft form but at least people got a fair idea of who’s in each village and the rolls can be finalized just prior to the election.” said Coe

He also had raised suggestions regarding Niue’s border control.

“ We bring back the students and returning residents from the April the 6th and then we make sure that any other flights, fortnightly flight or monthly one we only allow the residents to come back so no consultants, no tourists coming back until we’re well into the year and then we can see what’s happening with New Zealand and if their rate drops down than it can be relooked at but for the plane on the 6th of April if it’s still going ahead , we should then allow residents to come back on future planes but they must go into quarantine and so we have that safeguard in place and they will be easy to manage because there’s not many people coming.” said Coe

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