American Expat settles into new role as Niue’s Chief of Police

The new Chief of Police Timothy Wilson is now settling into his new role.

The American expatriate arrived on the island earlier this month.

Timothy Wilson is no stranger to Niue.

A police officer by profession, he first arrived in Niue in the 90s as a missionary for the Church of the Latter Day Saints.

This time he is back as the new Chief of Police.

“ We’re super happy to be here. It’s been a dream of ours as a family for a long time to come back to Niue and stay more than just a few weeks at a time so we’re very excited to be here. I’m very grateful for the Public Service Commission for them appointing me to the role and just very excited to be here to do the job.”

Wilson is the first American to take up the position of Chief of Police in Niue and speaks fluent vagahau.

He also outlined some of his key goals in his new role.

“Policing here is a bit different than where I’m from, so right now my key goals is to just kind of get my feet wet and learn the policing model that Niue uses and familiarize myself with the roles. In the United States Police are very specialized so we have a lot of experts in different fields. In Niue the police are very generalized but they have a lot more roles than other police in other countries so right now I’m just wanting to learn those roles then the overall goal is to work with the staff to provide the best policing that we can and 21st century policing to make sure that everybody in Niue maintains their enjoyable , safe lifestyle.”   said Wilson

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