The first Fono Ekepule for 2020 set for 12th February

The first meeting of the Niue Fono Ekepule is set for Wednesday next week the 12th of February. 

It’s presumed that this will be when the Premier Sir Toke Talagi will likely announce the date of the next General Elections.  

The Constitution provides that the Premier has two options in terms of the date of the next general elections, options one is that he can call the elections at 3 years after the date of the last general elections which was 6th May 2017. The second option is he can call an elections at 2 years and 9 months after the last elections. If he chooses the second option, that means the elections will be held sometime in March but at this stage that is unlikely. 

Given the timing, it is most likely the Premier will call the elections to be held in early May. 

On the setting of the election date, the Fono will be dissolved and the general elections will be held no less than 4 weeks after the dissolution of parliament and not more than 6 weeks. 

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