Education department releases preliminary 2019 NCEA results

The 2019 NCEA results are slightly below the high completion rates of recent years.

According to a Statement from the Education department, this is due to many factors, some of which the school had identified and will continue to address.

“We assure everyone that Niue High School will continue to focus on providing its students with the best education possible. It is pleasing to note that our top students are still performing very well, with endorsement results on par with previous years NCEA results. ”

The preliminary overall NCEA results for 2019:

NCEA Level 1 – 20/32 or 59% of students gained NCEA Level 1

NCEA Level 2 – 16/22 or 73% of students gained NCEA Level 2

NCEA Level 3 – 14/18 or 78% of students gained NCEA Level 3

University Entrance – 7/12 or 58% students were awarded UE

The department states, of the 12 students that did not complete NCEA Level 1, they can still gain NCEA Level 1 through the balance of credits that they will collect whilst studying NCEA Level 2 this year. Of these 12, 5 students have less than 5 credits to complete NCEA Level 1.

Similarly, to the 6 students in NCEA Level 2, they still have an opportunity to gain NCEA Level 2 whilst studying towards their NCEA Level 3 this year. NCEA Level 3 students who were short in gaining NCEA Level 3, they can return to School as an adult fee paying ($80 per subject) student to complete their NCEA Level 3.

“May the new NCEA Level 1 students do your utmost this year, encouraging the current students to work hard and start aiming for Merit and Excellence, nothing is impossible! To all the students who gained 2020 scholarships, go out there and be great ambassadors for Niue, give it your best academic performance, healthy attitude towards further studies and see you at the end of the year.

Minister on behalf of the Department of Education extend his gratitude to the Niue High School Principal, teachers, students, parents and relevant stakeholders for the continued effort in making NCEA a priority School leaving qualification for our young generations.

We ask Parents and Caregivers for your continued support and in working together with the Department to guide our students in their academic pursuits because only together can we achieve this immense challenge.”

The official results will be available by March 2020.

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