Government to impose penalties as part of environmental regulations

The Government has confirmed that it will be imposing penalties as part of the regulations on environmental standards. This was revealed by the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Hon. Dalton Tagelagi to BCN News.

The Minister said that his Office and the Crown Law Office are currently working on the draft regulations and anticipate these regulations will come into effect early next year. This will include amendments to the Environmental Recycling Regulations 2016. 

He said the regulations are part of the government’s position on the banning of single use plastics on the island. 

The government intends to provide the necessary time for the businesses to adapt to the new changes in the importation and use of single use plastics.

Some local businesses have already started banning the use of single use plastics like plastic straws. New cafes like the Wok on the Rock does not use plastic cutlery and Hio Café started their no plastic straws initiative earlier this year and are promoting alternative straws to the school students and other food and beverage outlets on the island.

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