PSC re-advertises several vacancies

According to the Public Service Commission they are now competing with other employers on the island and are having to re-advertise several vacancies.

The Public Service Commission has sent out two recruitment circulars in the last two weeks re-advertising some positions that have remained unfilled for some time now. 

Public Service Commission Chairperson Victoria Kalauni in a statement to BCN News says that the Commission is now competing with other employers in the Private sector and State owned enterprises. She says it is understandable that people will decide on more attractive salary packages. 

BCN understands that there were very few applications to the positions advertised and for some vacant positions there were no applicants at all.

Kalauni says that having difficulties filling government positions is not necessarily a bad thing, because this provides them the opportunity to reassess what they are offering in terms of employment packages. 

She said that the Commission needs to be innovative as times have changed. The Commission says that the work environment is also changing, as they have employees now working from home rather than the traditional 8am to 4pm per day. 

Limitations on human resources is not a new challenge for the public service commission which for a long while now has had to recruit from abroad to fill vacancies such as teachers and nurses and other technical staff.

Kalauni says that they have existing relationships within the region and other agencies and will utilize these options should that be required. 

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