Niue to ban vaping

Niue will ban vaping.

This was announced by the Acting Premier and Minister for Health Billy Talagi while speaking at the Pasifika Medical Conference.

The use of vaping is quite prevalent among youth on the island and those who have given up smoking but still use vaping as an alternative.

“ We have made progress in some areas of public health interests particularly in tobacco control. In December 2018, the Niue assembly passed our first tobacco control act. The price of regular packet of cigarettes went from $13 to $35. Niue has one of the lowest rates of smoking in the pacific but were determined at our aim is to prevent young people from taking up the packet for as long as we could. Although we have made progress in Tobacco control, there is a new challenge in the form of vaping that warrants our attention. To this end, I am pleased to announce our desire to ban vaping in Niue. “ said the Acting Premier Billy Talagi

Further details are yet to be revealed.

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