Niue makes progress on gender equality : UNDP

Niue has made impressive progress in relation to gender equality.

This is according to a visiting UNDP Gender Specialist who met with  a diverse group of people in Niue as part of a gender equality assessment.

The Gender Specialist is Koh Miyaoi who is from the Bangkok UNDP office.

It is a requirement of donor agencies to have information about gender equalities in countries that received funding assistance from UNDP.

The consultant will work with the project teams to ensure that stakeholder consultations are gender responsive, to conduct a joint gender assessment and gender action plan for the projects and to integrate the gender analysis results into the project plans.

Women MP’s yesterday met with the Gender Specialist sharing their views.

Today Myaoi met with the Chamber of Commerce and representatives from the Private sector who shared concerns over the unequal employment conditions between women working in the Private Sector and women working in the public service. Issues around lack of certainty with leave entitlements such as maternity and sick leave as well as having no superannuation for employees in the Private Sector.

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