Over 60 women treated by visiting gynecologists and obstetricians

Over 60 women have undergone gynecological assessments and treatments by the visiting medical team from New Zealand.

The group of Obstetrician and gynecologists are from Counties Manukau DHP in south Auckland affiliated with middle more hospital

The annual visit by the team of Obstetrician and gynecologists is part of an exchange program.

Dr Anna Van der Merwe – Obstetrician & gynecologist said heavy menstrual bleeding and abnormal periods were found to be a common issue among the women who were assessed.

The group has been conducting gynecological assessments s and treatments since last Saturday.

Dr Caitlyn Prerdergast who is a trainee said she found the locals and the medical staff friendly to work with.

However she said more women need to make use of their services.

Local medical staff have also been learning and assisting the group.

Women are being advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle through having balanced meal and regular exercise.

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