Hikutavake heads first village showday of the year as per tradition

A beautiful sunny day welcomed the first annual village showday for the year which took place on Saturday 15th April for the village of Hikutavake Mahinatumai. 

Once again, the village held two separate showdays. One on the top of the hill and the other at the bottom on the main village green. 

While BCN Cameras were present to capture the festivities of the day, it was evident in the early morning that a lot more locals and tourists gathered at the main village green. 

Variety of food was sold, and a beautiful display of arts and crafts were on display. 

While there were a lot more people on the bottom of the hill, it was the opposite for the showday on top. Compared to previous years, there were fewer stalls on display. However, as per year, those who were present were able to hear from the village council and government leaders who attended the formal part of the programme. 

Hikutavake chairperson Penina Pipitolu expressed her gratitude to all those who attended the showday. Despite it being a mini show this time round, they are grateful nevertheless. 

Similar thoughts were also expressed by village MP Opili Talafasi who concluded the formalities with his final remarks.

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