No nominations received for Vaiea and six villages will go to the polls for the VC elections this month

The chief electoral officer Darren Tohovaka today informed that there were no nominations received for the village council seats for the village of Vaiea.

“Notice is given that on the date and time fixed for the receiving of candidate nominations for the village council elections for the village council of Vaiea that no candidate nominations were received”

According to the notice the matter has been reported to the Clerk of the Niue Legislative Assembly as required by the Assembly Act 1966.

BCN understands that the Clerk of the Assembly is in New Zealand on personal leave.

The six villages going to the polls are Tamakautoga, Liku, Hikutavake, Tuapa, Makefu and Alofi North.

After this afternoon, the last day for candidates to withdraw their nominations, two candidates from Alofi South withdrew their names, Brendon Pasisi and Gregory Harding leaving the largest village on the island with only four village council members.

The Chief electoral officer Darren Tohovaka this afternoon declared the following people duly elected to the following village councils.

Alofi South – Robin Hekau, Anthea Hekau-Harding, O’love Hekesi and Dimitry Viliamu.

For the village of Avatele – Hetututama Hetutu, Taihia Hetutu, Emeline Laufoli, Jody Laufoli and Tifaga Tupuiliu.

For the village of Hakupu – Nise Marie Jackson, Pacific Enterprise Mautama, Patlin Siligi, Dempster Tomailuga and Itzy Tukuitoga.

For the village of Lakepa – Tongariro Konelio, Rhonda Tiakia, Trevor Tiakia and Ezra Togiamana.

For the village of Mutalau – Florence Melekitama, Jean Pulefolau, Judy Taoafe and Meleki Tauefasi.

For the village of Toi – Vikatolia Liumaihetau, Manogi Poihega, Ponivasalia Taufitu, Paulino Tokimua and Sapati Tuhega.

For the village of Namukulu – Kilimana Hiligutu, Talaia Makaia and Fenogalaia Sionetuato.

In the case of Vaiea, the electoral office is already preparing for a by-election for the village council of Vaiea which will be held at a date to be fixed and publicised after the village council elections on Friday 27th August.

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