“Following the rules will keep you all safe. It will keep all of us safe here in Niue also” says Premier Tagelagi to Niueans in NZ as they go into level 4 lockdown.

In response to the announcement by PM Jacinda Ardern on the community cases of COVID 19 in New Zealand forcing a nation-wide level 4 lockdown, Premier Dalton Tagelagi last night issued a press statement calling on Niueans in Auckland to follow the rules.

“Following the rules will keep you all safe. It will keep all of us safe here in Niue also should you return to Niue and go into mandatory quarantine in our approved isolation facilities” says Premier Tagelagi.

Meanwhile, twenty local residents departed the island for Auckland yesterday. According to the local agent for Air New Zealand, Peleni’s travel passengers included two infants, six children, and twelve adults.

It is understood some of these passengers are the children and grandchildren of MP Richard Hipa who is recovering from emergency surgery after a medical evacuation last week.

Also on the flight yesterday were patients referred to New Zealand for further medical assistance.

Premier Tagelagi says that our people in Auckland right now should be vigilant and follow the rules to keeping themselves and us safe.

“May God continue to watch over all of us, and we will continue to pray for you all in New Zealand, especially our families who are currently seeking medical treatment in Auckland” says Premier Tagelagi.

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