Cyclone season comes to an end but officials remind the public to remain vigilant

Niue’s official Tropical Cyclone season for 2020/2021 ended on 30th April 2021. The cyclone season started on the 1st November 2020 saw a total of ten tropical disturbances, four of which turned into tropical cyclones affecting the island.

According to the Niue Meteorological service the possibility of cyclones forming outside of a cyclone season is very rare but not impossible.

In a press statement from the Niue Met Service this week Director Rossy Mitiepo (pictured) says that “We still need to remain vigilant and be well prepared at all times especially with disseminating severe weather information in a timely manner.”

Rossy Mitiepo says that “The high seas and damaging swells seemed more pronounced associated with cyclones impacting Niue in this La Niña phase. We are reminded of our vulnerability to storm surges during cyclones especially residents along the west coast of Niue.”

During the 2020/2021 cyclone season, there were 10 Tropical Disturbances; 4 of these developed into Tropical Cyclones and only one developed into a Severe Tropical Cyclone. These tropical cyclones included 2 in December last year with TC Yasa Category 4 and Category 2 TC Zazu.

There were also two cyclones in Jan/Feb period with Category 1 TC Ana, and another category 1 TC Bina.

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