Government to table 8 million supplementary budget in preparation for two-way travel in August or September

The Minister of Finance Crossley Tatui is expected to table the $8 million supplementary budget in the Fono Ekepule tomorrow. The 8 million dollars is part of budget support from the New Zealand government for Covid 19 response.

Premier Dalton Tagelagi told our News of the Week last Friday that this supplementary budget is to help the government prepare to begin the work towards the two- way quarantine free travel with New Zealand. Premier Tagelagi says that this is likely to happen in either August or September this year.

The Premier says that first and foremost is to get the local population inoculated against COVID 19, which is likely to take place next month then the government will look confirm the two-way quarantine free travel.

He says that this supplementary budget with support from NZ is all geared towards that outcome to return our economic mainstay tourism to where it was before the pandemic.

Meanwhile Minister Tatui told BCN news in a statement that this budget is presented with the following focus areas and activities in mind such as support for the Health Sector Covid-19 preparations.

There will be support for imported food chain security addressing any issues of supply chain disruptions.

The islands Sir Robert’s Wharf will also receive attention through this supplementary budget as a key lifeline asset which also suffered damage during TC Zasu earlier this year.

There will also be continuing support for struggling businesses and in addition lending capital through the Niue Development Bank as part of the economy restart actions.

Tourism support to consolidate preparations for the borders to reopen.

There will also be support for infrastructure such as key maintenance costs to meet industry and international standards and requirements.

The minister of Finance Crossley Tatui says that the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is enormous, affecting our number one tourism industry and economic driver which has seen a decline Niue’s livelihood.

He says that our financial security has always been vulnerable as our present mode of economic development is unsustainable.

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