Tama Mana joins for the first time; impresses at the 2021 National Touch tournament

The Niue Touch Association held their first touch tournament in a long while on Saturday and this year included the children’s sports program Tama Mana sports.

The Tama Mana touch tournament organiser Robert (BJ) Rex told BCN news that he was very pleased with the response to the first ever Tama Mana Touch tournament with ten teams participating.

Alofi put in three teams, two from Hakupu and one each from Mutalau, Tamakautoga, Avatele, Makefu and Tuapa of young children aged from  6 to 12 years old.  

The final game between the Alofi Jetts and Tamakau Vikings was a tough game with one try each by full time which resulted in the teams going to drop off at extra time, and it was Alofi Jetts (pictured, photo by Alofi Mako supporters) who came out victorious. Tamakau Vikings in second and Hakupu in third.

The Tama Mana tournament’s MVP Girl went to Saraiah Saniteli Talagi of Alofi Jetts and MVP Boy went to Alona Tukutama of Tamakau Vikings.

Robert (BJ) Rex said that the response from Saturday was so very impressive that they are seriously considering another tournament before the end of the year, and the Tama Mana touch tournament will definitely be an annual event from now on.

In the Open men’s category, the Alofi Makos took the championship title after a nail-biting final with Avatele which went to extra time and drop off.

It came down to five men on the field, after a one-all tie, it was up to one of the ten men on the field to break the deadlock. Julius Hipa of Alofi Makos did just that sealing the win for Alofi.

In the open women’s, Tuapa won after ranking of the Round Robin play, with Hakupu in second place and Alofi Manas third.

The Open mix tournament will be on next Saturday and the Masters’ tournament on Saturday 20th to complete the year’s first major sporting competitions.

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