COVID 19 Recovery a new issue to address in the mid-term review of the Niue National Strategic Plan

The Finance and Planning Agency of the Government is conducting the mid-term review of the Niue National Strategic Plan 2016-2026 which will culminate at a national planning summit to be held at the end of this month.

In a statement to BCN News the Head of the government’s Economic, Planning and Development Unit, Frank Sioneholo said that they are currently working closely with key stakeholders on each of the seven key pillars of the plan.

According to Sioneholo “COVID-19 appears as a new requirement for NNSP to address, and will require a clearer roadmap addressing COVID19 recovery and transformation strategies”.

Frank Sioneholo says that “The main purpose of the mid-term review is to determine the progress towards achieving our vision of A Prosperous Niue or Niue ke Monuina and asking questions such as are we working on the right strategies to enable us to achieving that vision of a prosperous Niue”

He said that they are also looking very closely at the strategic objectives and initiatives in each Pillar to determine their performance and whether they are achieving their goals.

The seven pillars of the NNSP are Finance & Economic Development, Governance, Infrastructure, Social Services, Environment & Climate Change, Taoga Niue and the seventh pillar Private Sector.

The consultations are in preparation for the National Planning Summit which will be held at the end of this month.

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