Niue Rugby Union members petition for a special meeting

The recent development with the leadership saga of the Niue Rugby union was revealed today after BCN reporter received a copy of a petition signed by the NRU members and referees calling on the secretary of the NRU to call a special general meeting.

The petition was signed by seventeen members including the village clubs, the referee’s association and, a representative of the Women’s rugby. The petition signed also by Norman Mitimeti who signed as Acting President.

It reads “As Council members of the Niue Rugby Union we request a special general meeting to address members of the executive given reasons highlighted below; president (vacancy), resignation of the chief executive officer (vacancy), any other vacancy, annual meeting reports, union financial reports and general business”.

The petition was dated 4th of September invoking article 14(1) of the Niue rugby union constitution.

According to BCN News sources, the village unions are concerned over the leadership of the Niue Rugby Union. The concerns also extend to the decisions by an executive of only two members without a quorum. The quorum for an executive meeting of the NRU is four.

This latest development comes after the second cancellation of the Sevens tournament which was scheduled to be held last week on Friday 4th of September but did not take place because the teams withdrew from the competition.

The current Executive members of the NRU still on the island are Norman Mitimeti and the Secretary Sydney Lui, both of whom did not want to comment on this story. The other members Tony Edwards has moved to New Zealand and the President was the late Sir Toke Talagi.

BCN News sources say they are now waiting on the Secretary to call the meeting.

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