The government wants to preserve the historical Fatuaua; announced at the Tuapa Show day

The Minister of Social Services Sauni Togatule asked the village of Tuapa at their show day last Saturday to preserve the historical site of Fatuaua.

The minister officially opened the show day, also attended by other government and diplomatic dignitaries.

Minister Togatule told the large gathering that Fatuaua should not be forgotten as it was the meeting place of the kings and leaders of yesteryear.

He asked the landowners to allow the government to work with the village council to clear and preserve the site at Fatuaua.

According to the Hon. Togatule who is also the minister of Taoga Niue and a former lecturer of Vagahau Niue said that the site at Fatuaua is where the kings and the leaders of Niue would meet, making Tuapa the first centre of government or the town of Niue.

The Minister was amongst the many who turned up to the annual Tuapa village showday. The Chairperson of the Village Council Sione Sionetama welcomed and thanked the people for turning up to support the village. He also announced that the show day this year did not use large black rubbish bags but instead use the traditionally woven baskets instead.

Hon. Mona Ainuu the member of parliament for Tuapa thanked her village especially the elderly for nurturing the generations through the years and for passing on the talent and the skills.

The day ended with the dancing and singing from the young people of the village entertaining those who stayed on until the afternoon.

The next show day to look forward to is for the village of Alofi North in two weeks.

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