MPs support the motion to pay public servants over time but not the return to 5 days of work

The order paper of the Fono Ekepule on Wednesday, July 8th was not completed so a number of motions will be debated in the next sitting.

Hon. Terry Coe submitted three motions. The first motion put forth to the Fono Ekepule called for overtime to be paid to public servants instead of taking time off in lieu was supported by the House which was carried and supported by the Fono.

However, his motion for the government to stagger the working week so that the Government can still open on Fridays was not supported as the majority of the members said that the people are used to not working on Fridays. Many of whom support the four days week so public servants can use their Fridays off to contribute to their community obligations.

The motion was seconded by Hon. O’love Jacobsen who told the Fono that she understands from the interventions of the majority of the members that it would be politically foolish to support something that will risk their positions.

Hon. Jacobsen in paraphrasing a famous quote by the late US President John Kennedy reminded the House of “ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.”

Terry Coe told BCN News that the motion was not for public servants to return to the five days week but to stagger their four days so that the government can open on Fridays.

Coe’s third motion calling to abolish the practice of paying bonuses to public servants in favour of a fair salary and appropriate reward system, was not supported. Earlier in the meeting and during the budget address by the Minister of Finance Hon. Crossley Tatui reiterated the constitution role and responsibility of the public service commission to ensure the effective and efficient management of the public service in which the government will continue to support as one of its key priorities. 

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