Former Premier Sir Toke Talagi is expected to return to Niue

Former Premier Sir Toke Talagi is expected to return to Niue in the chartered flight.

Sir Toke Talagi was medevaced to New Zealand last Tuesday evening due to ill health.

According to the National Disaster Council, Sir Toke is being accompanied by his wife Lady Fifita Talagi. Details of this flight are still being finalized.

The Council states that the two will be quarantined at their residence at Fonuakula which Cabinet has approved as a dedicated quarantine isolation station under section 9 of the Public Health Act 1965.

According to the Council, the cost of this chartered flight is not being covered by the Government of Niue.

Previously, special considerations consistent with already established COVID -19 protocols have been afforded to incoming passengers due to specific medical conditions. This situation will be no different, Sir Toke and his immediate family who have chosen to quarantine with him and Lady Fifita will be in isolation for the mandatory 14 days.

Friends and family are reminded that the 14 days quarantine rule still applies and to please comply with these rules to ensure public safety.

The Talagi family is also seeking the understanding of the public and respectfully request that as much privacy as possible is afforded to them during this time.

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