ADB stands ready to support Niue in mitigating COVID-19 impacts

The Asian Development Bank stands ready to assist Niue in mitigating the impacts of COVID-19.

ADB President Masatsugu Asakawa and the Premier of Niue Dalton Tagelagi on Tuesday, July 8th discussed how ADB can continue to support Niue as it mitigates the impacts of the coronavirus disease pandemic.

Asakawa congratulated Tagelagi on his election in June and the government’s proactive efforts to prevent an outbreak in the country, which remains free of COVID-19 cases.

Asakawa also commended the Government of Niue’s Finance Response Package for responding to COVID-19 and associated economic and fiscal challenges.

“Niue remains vulnerable to the pandemic, due to its small size, remoteness, and reliance on tourism,” said Asakawa.

“ADB stands ready to support the government through technical and advisory assistance or emergency support through the Asia Pacific Disaster Response Fund.”

On 13 April, ADB announced an enhanced package of $20 billion to help its members cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, which helped to provide Niue with $93,000 for essential medical supplies and equipment, including COVID-19 test kits, personal protective equipment, and ventilators.

According to ADB, Niue is eligible for more assistance from ADB to combat COVID-19 should it be needed.

Niue became ADB’s 68th member in March 2019.

ADB is supporting an assessment of government public financial management systems and a study to improve Niue’s main port.

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