Premier Tagelagi breaks tradition by appointing a Cabinet of Unity

Premier Dalton Tagelagi revealed his Cabinet of Ministers at the Fale Fono this afternoon in a swearing-in ceremony. 

Described today as a Government of unity the four members of Cabinet led by the Premier includes one female minister, one first-term member of parliament and one member whose been in opposition for the past nine years. 

The Premier is responsible for the portfolios of Central Agencies, State-Owned Enterprises, and Foreign Affairs. 

The Minister for Finance and Infrastructure is Hon. Crossley Tatui who has been in parliament since 2011 and was asked to join Cabinet from what is traditionally the opposition, thus breaking with tradition. 

The new minister for Natural Resources is Hon. Mona Ainuu who is the only female member of Cabinet.

Newcomer Hon. Sauni Tongatule is the new minister of Social Services. 

The Premier in his statement said that he believes in utilizing the most qualified people with the right skills for these ministerial positions.

The Ministers took their oaths and accepted their warrants of appointment from the Speaker of the Fono Ekepule Hon. Hima Takelesi.

Families and friends gathered at the ceremony to witness the appointment of the Ministers.

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