New community policing focuses on the safety of children

The Niue Police have begun new community policing focusing on the safety of children and building relationships between children and the police.

Chief of Police Timothy Wilson states these programmes are vital to meet the goals of Niue Police to meet the department’s vision of a “Together Keeping Niue safe and secure”.

The Niue police have been involved over the school year with two career programmes at the Niue Highschool. During these events, students have been introduced to the policing and disaster management careers. The junior classes have also been instructed on cyber safety, cyber bullying and how to prevent from being victimized online, especially on social media.

On Thursday 11th June, staff from the Niue Police participated in the Tuapa reading club for children. Police also discussed road safety.

The Niue police will also be taking their safety messages to other villages in the coming weeks and months and encourage parents to discuss safety related issues with children.

The Community Policing Programme is overseen by Constable Narita Viliamu-Tahega.

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