Questions raised in Legislative Assembly over the finance portfolio

The Premier Dalton Tagelagi and Minister for Finance Crossley Tatui appears to have a shared portfolio in Finance and Planning.

Following the appointment of the Premier’s ‘Cabinet of Unity’, the detailed portfolios of the cabinet ministers have been issued publicly.

According to the issued statement, the Premier Dalton Tagelagi is also the Minister for Central Agencies and Commercial Agencies.

His ministerial portfolio states that the Premier is responsible for Finance and Planning which deals with the treasury department of government.

The treasury department is responsible for the national budget.

Crossley Tatui is the Minister for Infrastructure and Finance, his ministerial portfolio states that he is also responsible for finance and planning, however only for Customs, Statistics, Immigration, Taxation, Economics and Trade.  

In this morning’s Assembly sitting, MP O’love Jacobsen raised concern over the portfolio questioning whether there are two ministers for Finance.

While responding to the Premier’s speech where he had outlined the government’s plans for the next 3 years, Jacobsen said that if the Premier is going to appoint Crossley Tatui as the Minister for Finance , the Premier needs to give all the finance responsibilities under the finance portfolio adding that Tatui is well suited for the entire finance portfolio.

BCN News understands that this is the first time the Premier of Niue has appointed a member of Parliament from the previous opposition and has been allocated the portfolio of Minister of Finance.

BCN News is seeking clarification from the Premier on the finance portfolios

The details of the Portfolios are still being finalised, the are some legal/legislative issue where Premier is responsible for certain aspects of finance and planning that need to be taken into account.

Both are working together on the finance in particular due to the effects of Covid-19 on Niue’s economy and looking forward.

Responding to BCN News queries, the office of the Premier stated that the Premier, Hon. Dalton Tagelagi also has an aspect of Finance and Planning in terms of his portfolio such as the Niue International Trust Fund.

The Minister of Finance and Planning will be presenting the Budget.

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