Voter registration for General Election underway

Voter registration for this month’s general election is now open at the Justice Department.

Chief Electoral Officer Darren Tohovaka stated that this is a legal requirement and is compulsory.

All persons who qualify to vote must apply to be registered on the electoral roll of the village for which they reside before the date set for the closing of all electoral rolls which is on Tuesday May 19th at 4pm.

Any person shall entitled to be registered to vote or be nominated as a candidate at these elections if the person meets the following qualifications:

i) – is 18 years of age; and

 ii) – is a New Zealand citizen; or

 iii) – is a Permanent Resident of Niue; and

iv) – has at any time continuously resided in Niue for 3 years or more; and

v) – was actually residing on Niue 1 year from the date of applying to be registered to vote; or

vi) – was not continuously residing in Niue for 3 years or more but during that period or for a substantial part of that period was undertaking a course of education or was in the service of the Government of Niue; and

vii) – has not been convicted in Niue or any Commonwealth country of any offence punishable by death or by imprisonment for 1 year or more; and 

viii) – has not been convicted in Niue of a corrupt practice; or

 ix) – has been pardoned or undergone sentence for the said offences; and

x) – is a person of sound mind

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