Director of Immigration clarifies visa conditions issued to stranded tourist

The Director of Immigration has clarified the visa conditions issued to a Japanese tourist stranded in Niue due to COVID 19 global lock downs.

Kim Ray Vaha explained to BCN News that under the Immigration law he as the Chief Immigration Officer using the discretionary authority may extend a visitor’s visa with condition.

In this situation Vaha said he extended the visa on humanitarian grounds for two months or until Auckland Airport is open for onward international travel.

Vaha says that the Government of Niue communications with officials from the Japanese Embassy have confirmed that they will assist their Japanese national to travel back home.

The Chief Immigration Officer has notified the tourist of these developments and that she will be leaving on the next available flight out of Niue.

He says there is a difference between a work permit and an extension to a visitors visa and the conditions of that extension is different from a work permit, as for a work permit the applicant has to pay $420.

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