Public servants warned against moonlighting

The Public Service Commission is cautioning public servants who are employed in secondary employment or are participating in some form of private business without the express approval and authorization of the Commission. 

This cautionary notice was sent out to all public servants on Thursday last week. 

Currently the Commission has a list of 38 public servants that have been approved under Regulation 48 (1) however the Public Service Commission believe that there are many more employees who have not been honest and are moonlighting. 

The Commission therefore is allowing an amnesty period up to 30 April 2020 for all public servants that are directly or indirectly receiving a secondary income, or engaged in any private business to come forward. These include any consultancy or contract work.

Sanctions will apply if public servants do not comply with this requirement of the Public Service Regulations.

Meanwhile, Public servants resumed work on Monday this week after a two weeks break as a precautionary measure following Niue’s upgrade to code yellow in its Covid 19 response plan.

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