Public servants to inform PSC of intentions to contest General Election

With the official public notification of the confirmation of May 30th as the date of the General Elections date, the Public Service Commission is now calling on public servants interested in becoming a candidate for the upcoming general elections to inform the Commission of their intentions through their Head of Department. 

Article 18 of the Niue Constitution provides that public servants may become candidates or be elected and shall be granted leave of absence for the purpose of their candidature.

According to the public service commission circular last week, in accordance to the Public Service Regulations 2004 an employee of the service who runs as a candidate shall be deemed to be on leave and shall continue to take such leave (annual leave, TOIL or leave without pay) for up to 7 days after Polling day, unless the employee withdraws his/her candidature prior to polling day, or the Head of Department is satisfied that the polling results for the particular constituency has been finalized and provisional results declared.

In the last general elections of 2017, a total of nine public servants were candidates, Moka Tano Puleoti, Charles Magatogia, Cherie Morris Tafatu, Sauni Togatule, Poimamamo Vakanofiti, Maureen Melekitama, Esa Mona Ainuu, Deve Talagi and Fanuma Sioneholo who withdrew before polling date. 

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