Increase in Niue’s population

A positive growth has been recorded in Niue’s population.

The newly released Census 2017 shows the population has increased to just over one thousand seven hundred. 

Niue’s last census was held in 2011. The latest is the Niue Household and Population  2017 census.

Niue’s population is 1, 719 people of whom 1,591 considered Niue to be their place of usual residence.

This represents an increase, the first  in 20 years, of 108 people in total and 131 usual residents from 2011.

Migration remains to be the main influence on Niue’s population dynamics , with population losses in younger age groups. As a result, Niue’s median age is high at 33 years of age. 

This means that half of the population is below the age of 33 and the other half above it.

Niue’s next census will be held in 2022.

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