Former election candidate calls for fairness and regulations on campaigning

A former election candidate is calling for a level playing field in the 2020 General election.

Ida Hekesi, who participated in the General election in 2017 spoke to BCN News about her experience and concerns.

Hekesi said there needs to be specific rules around campaigning adding that she has witnessed that public figures have often used public events to announce their candidacy which she says is not fair to other candidates who do not have such platforms.

She said that more needs to be done on civic education for the public as well as for those interested in contesting this years general election.

Hekesi encouraged those interested in contesting Niue’s 2020 General election to do so especially women and youths.

Asked on whether she will contest the 2020 Elections , Hekesi could not confirm on her plans.

The law that guides the running of the general elections is the Niue Assembly Act 1966 but is not specific on the rules around campaigning.

The act only provides for the conduct of elections, disputed elections, corrupt practices, electors and electoral rolls, qualification of members, and the role of electoral officers.

Niue’s General Election will be held in May however the specific date is yet to be announced.

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