Niue Primary School launches ‘100 nights of reading’

Over 300 students of Niue Primary School have taken on a new challenge – reading for the next 100 nights.

100 nights of reading is a new school-wide program introduced by the Niue Primary school. 

Mele Yeates who is the HOD for the senior school which are classes in years 4-6  says that they have noticed students are only reading at school but they want them to continue to also read at home.

The reason for this is to improve the children’s comprehension which will also improve the child’s vocabulary. 

The school is also optimistic of the success of this reading program because there are quite a few community reading programs in the villages. Children can read both Niuean and English books. 

Parents are encouraged to listen to their children read. The end goal of the program is to see the children enjoy reading which will improve their overall learning experience. 

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