Sir Toke Takagi writes biography titled ‘Niue Rising’

A Politician and an Author.

The Premier Sir Toke Talagi has written a book titled ‘Niue Rising’ which has just been published this month.

This is a biography of Sir Toke Tufukia Talagi and his life in Niue to a knight of the realm. 

It covers his life work and his experiences as a businessman and into politics and the premiership.

“I’ve written a book, I got bored with my life so I started writing a book about myself, about Niue, about developments leading up to us becoming self – government and my years as premier as well as the current negotiations with New Zealand and the way we’re conducting business with them. The essence of what I’m talking about is a biography it’s fairly simple and I wanted to write something rather than somebody else overseas or somebody else writing something . It belongs to us, it’s our island, we should be able to do these things ourselves as proof of that. I want us also to demonstrate the fact that we can be self sustaining in the long term and we’re working very hard on the present developments to achieve that. We can see that if we were to bottle, export water and Noni , we should be able to generate sufficient resources to enable us to pay people more , pay ourselves more and so on. But there are other businesses we’re working on including fisheries. We were hoping to produce and sell and make some money hopefully. So from the book, all those things I’ve discussed and I wanted a record by a Niuean for Niueans so there is no doubt in anybody’s mind that this is by a Niuean for the Niueans and there is no doubt that we have the ability and the will to achieve what we can achieve without having to depend too much on others. “

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