Liolau project scheduled to open in January 2020

The Liolau project is scheduled to open in January next year.

The development of the accommodation project in Avatele cost almost $900,000.

“The Liolau project is almost finished. It’s just the finishing touches, furnitures there. Essentially we’re waiting to get the carpenters to do the touch ups and then we’ll open the facilities next year in January.” said the Premier Sir Toke Talagi

“ Most of the builders are local builders so therefore its been good for the economy here. I’m pleased about that. The other thing is that once we start opening, we will be creating job opportunities for those out there who may want to work so essentially thats what weve been waiting for . There is a business plan prepared by the consultant who came, we’ve got to have a look at that and see whether we should follow it or develop something more appropriate to our requirements.”

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