PSC appoints American expat as Niue’s next Chief of Police

 The Public Service Commission has announced the appointment of Timothy Wilson from Washington DC as Niue’s next Chief of Police.

Wilson is no stranger to the people of Niue having served the Niue Community in both Niue and New Zealand for many years. 

Wilson will be moving to Niue with his family at the beginning of 2020 to take up his new role as Chief of Police. 

 PSC states two highly exceptional candidates were shortlisted and interviewed for the post of Chief of Police for the next 3-year term. At the conclusion of that process the Commission has offered both interviewed candidates’ senior roles within the Niue Police, a strategy that will not only secure both candidates but also strengthen the senior management and decision-making level of the department.

Tony Edwards who completed his second term in the Chief of Police role in July 2019 will stay on with the department ensuring there is some aspect of continuity from his previous Chief of Police role. 

He will move across to National Disaster Management Coordination, an area where he has shown considerable strengths and passion for in recent years. it is envisioned that Edwards will be able to continue his work with the National Disaster and Coordination Committee and build on the good work that he has already achieved. 

The Commission thanks Edwards for all the good work that he has done whilst in the Chief of Police role over the last 6 years and wish him all the success in his new NDMO role. 

These appointments also coincide with the arrival of another expatriate from Fiji who will work from the Crown Law Office to bolster the prosecution capabilities of the department, and will look to recruit more police officers in the coming months. 

The Commission hopes that these new-look changes, coupled with the opening of a brand-new operations Centre at Fonuakula will mark the transformation of the Niue Police into a modern and much improved organisation that will deliver quality services to the people of Niue.

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