Rae Finlay moves to Alice Springs, Australia for new post with State Government of Northern Territory

Rae Finlay the former Business Development Manager and CEO of the Niue Chamber of Commerce left Niue yesterday, after serving in this role for almost 3 years. 

She told BCN News that she will be moving to Alice Springs in Australia to take up her new role as the Manager for Economic Development for the State Government of the Northern Territory. 

Rae Finlay has contributed substantially to the development of the private sector during her tenure as the Business Development Manager and CEO of the organization. 

She says that the most rewarding part of the role is assisting the local business one on one, and getting to know them and help them improve their businesses. 

Since she had joined the Chamber of Commerce, businesses have benefited from a variety of training and workshop opportunities. Some of these include financial, customer service and business planning workshops delivered by her and the staff, as well as the diversity of other courses offered by visiting trainers. 

Ms Finlay was instrumental in relocating the Niue Chamber offices from the old Treasury Building in downtown Alofi to the new Swanson premises in Fonuakula. She told Midday News this move was a game changer, making it so much easier for business people to come to them for assistance. 

Ida Hekesi from the Board of the Chamber of Commerce said that Rae’s personal engagement with the business owners, govt officials and senior government leaders was one of her best attributes in the role. She represented Niue very well at regional meetings and she will be missed for her contribution to the private sector as well as her community work. 

Rae was instrumental in the introduction of the first ever tourism promotional tool the Go Niue app which a first for Niue tourism and the private sector. Ida said, Rae was just an all rounder hard work. Rae will be missed by the many business owners as well as the community for her contributions to Niue, such as the Christmas on the Rock event last year and her work to assist the Rockvets with their work on the island. 

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