Plans for Go Karting venture comes under scrutiny following accident involving 6 year old

Plans to start a Go Karting venture on the island has hit a bump. 

BCN news understands that the Government was exploring options of starting Go-Karting as a business venture on the island but this has come under public scrutiny after an accident involving a 6 year old riding a Go Kart suffered major head injuries.

The incident happened two weeks ago.

Go Karting is a big tourist attraction in New Zealand and is something the Government is exploring according to Brett Collier, CEO of Telecom Niue. He said the idea is to create interest in young people about Go Karting and possible business venture for young people.

Brett Collier though did want to set the record straight that this is not a Telecom Niue initiative but something the Government was exploring and have not made any firm decisions on whether or not it will pursue this or not. 

However this proposed venture has now come under public scrutiny after an accident involving a 6 year old boy who is currently in ICU at the Niue Fo’ou hospital after an accident on a Go Kart over the weekend. The incident happened in the home of the child. 

According to the owner of the Go Kart the child was too young to be on this Go Kart. This Go Kart is the only Kart on the island and have been used to promote Go karting at the Niue High School grounds. 

BCN News contacted the Niue Police on the regulations for such motorized karts. Inspector Ioane said that the current transport law does not regulate for off road motorized karts as these are new things to the island.

Hoever he said that people should do their homework and ensure that they understand these motorized karts and do their research thoroughly before using Go karts. He cautions people that these are not toys and to always remember safety first especially with children. 

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