Peleni Talagi appointed Secretary to Government

Peleni Talagi the government’s Solicitor General and Head of the Crown Law office has been appointed as the Secretary to Government.

This has been announced through a press statement from the Public Service Commission. 

The position of Secretary to Government had been vacant since December 2017. Four candidates were interviewed for the position including some from overseas.

Peleni Talagi is a New Zealand trained lawyer and barrister and also holds a Masters in International Maritime Law. She has been the Acting Secretary to Government since the position became vacant. 

It is unclear from the press release if Ms Talagi will assume her role with immediate effect given her current position as the Head of the Crown Law office. 

With Ms Talagi as Secretary to Government the Crown Law Office will be left with only 2 lawyers to serve the needs of the Government and Cabinet as legal advisers.

The Secretary to Government is recruited by the Public Service Commission but will not be formalized until or unless the name put forward is endorsed by Cabinet. 

Story by Esther Pavihi

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