Maritime Zones Amendment Bill 2019 passed by Parliament

The Maritime Zone Amendment Bill 2019 has been passed in the Legislative Assembly meeting yesterday the parent legislative Act being the Maritime Zones Act 2013.

Member Assisting Minister for Natural Resources Mona Ainuu informed BCN of the news yesterday.  

Ainuu put in a motion which the house agreed to hence the passing of the Bill without the need to be referred to the Bills Committee.  The Bill is made guaranteed an Act.

The news is a winner for the likes of formalizing marine protected areas under the auspices of the Niue Ocean Wide Project and Niue’s Ridge to Reef. In 2017 the news for Niue’s intention for the declaration of the 40% marine protected areas was announced by Hon Dalton Tagelagi,Minister for Natural Resources which made global headlines and in particular great praise for Niue’s leader Sir Toke Talagi and the nation’s stewardship in conservation.  

The Maritime Zone Amendment Act paves the way for ease of formalizing such protected areas.


Story by Fiafia Rex

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