Opposition up in arms over Premier’s statement against critics

A debate took place in the Niue Legislative Assembly meeting yesterday in relation to a statement by the Premier Sir Toke Talagi which was intended to be delivered as part of the budget speech last month. 

While it was omitted by Hon Minister Billy Talagi who delivered the speech on behalf of the Premier who did not attend the assembly, it was made public in the latest Niue Star edition.

Concerns were raised by Opposition MP O’Love Jacobsen.

In the Niue Star publication of the speech, the Premier basically questions critics of the government on what have they contributed. 

The full speech is also posted on the website of the Premier’s department.

Opposition MP O’Love Jacobsen raised the matter in the Assembly yesterday seeking that the particular part of the budget statement be retracted and an apology be made to the people of Niue.

Member Assisting Minister for Natural Resources Mona Ainuu said that the  matter should not be “taken to heart”, adding that she herself has received criticism primarily on her new role as an MP.  MP O’Love Jacobsen in response acknowledged this but elaborated on the reverence for respect and that there should be respect throughout the meetings and that the people are also respected.

Niue Star Owner and MP Michael Jackson acknowledged  in the Assembly that it was an oversight and that he hadn’t thoroughly read the statement.  He added that the premiere’s comments were stated in a press release for the public.  

Jackson told the members of Parliament that should anyone especially MPs wish to raise issues, the Niue Star  he says is an avenue for it, adding jokingly that it would possibly generate an increase in sales.  

Story by Fiafia Rex

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