New Zealand Pasifika principals and teachers gather in Niue

Principals from the New Zealand Pasifika principals association gathered in Niue this week.

The meeting was a development and networking opportunity for the association members.

“So the New Zealand Principals have come to Niue in conjunction and aligned with the Ministry of Education here to offer professional development for the teachers in the secondary, the primary, ECE and the creche and its related to things that were requested by the schools in relation to their needs for professional development.” said Karl Vasau – Principal of Rowandale School.

Jason Swann, President of NZ Pasifika Principals Association said key highlights have centered on language, culture and identity. 

“Some of the huge things, it a huge learning for us has been the fact that language . culture and identity is really good. It’s really well based and that’s something that we have to try and continually improve on in New Zealand. The fact that we want our children to be able to come to school with their cultural identity and language and leave it at the gate they are who they are and they keep connecting, our teachers are and every one at school connect that way so its really about our relationships and connections and building on that to learn.” said Swann

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