Appropriations Bill for 2019/2020 passed by the Fono Ekepule

The Appropriations Bill for 2019/2020 has been passed after the third and final reading by the Fono Ekepule yesterday. 

According to the Treasury the actual numbers have been updated however there have been no changes to the figures. 

There will be minor changes to the names of the Department line items. What used to be the line item called the Premier’s Department will now be called The Office of the Secretary to Government. 

Acting Premier Honorable Bily Talagi commended the performance of government departments that met their revenue targets.

According to the 2019-2020 budget estimates, the financial year has a total recurrent expenditure of $28,173,000 and recurrent revenue of $28,735,000. 

The Treasury department clarified that the surplus $562,000 will be used to fund the government’s recurrent capital expenditure of $100,000 and the government’s recurrent investment and development projects of $462,000.

Story by Sofaia Koroitanoa

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