Failure of backup generator causes power outage

The power outages experienced overnight was due to the backup generator failing at around 9pm last night and the 10.30pm load demand was far too high for one generator to provide power to Niue.

That’s according to the Manager for Niue Power Corp Hui Paola who has apologized for the unplanned power shutdown.  

Paola authorized staff to shut down the power to allow one generator to recharge the batteries back up to 40 to 50 percent which was at 17 percent.

An Energy Advisor David Wright is currently on the island assessing the renewable energy project.

BCN News also asked him about the intermittent power supply.

“To all of our embarrassment  there is an intermittent problem somewhere in the system which again was illustrated clearly this morning with problems, and we are still trying to find out what it is because obviously we have the existing generators, we have the new system, we have a controller, and all of these parts have got to communicate and talk to each other and somewhere in that talking, there is a fault at this stage happens every so intermittently and we’re still trying to resolve what the actual fundamental problem is so the intent is to get the people back on the island to work together to resolve just what that fault is and fix it.” said Wright

Wright’s visit to Niue is supported by the NZ High Commission aligned with the MFAT assistance for Niue’s renewable energy target.  

Story by Fiafia Rex

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