Telecom Niue to determine costing of faster internet connectivity after Manatua cable installation

Telecom Niue is yet to determine the costing of the faster internet connectivity once the Manatua cable is installed.

The fiber optic submarine cable is expected to land in November this year.

The total cost of Niue’s installation is $7 million funded by the New Zealand government.

“The excavation works up at the site up in Namoui has already begun by our contractor Doug the Builder that has been forecasted to be completed by late September to October. There will be some work alongside the track heading up to the mast location up at Namoui where we will be dredging also for the fiber land cable to connect through the sea cable that will be coming in November.” said Roy Pavihi – Technical Manager Telecom

The Manatua Cable is a cable project with four countries; Samoa, Cook Islands, French Polynesia and Niue and connects the four islands together with fiber optic submarine cable.  

It will transform the connectivity particularly for Niue and the Cook Islands who have previously had to rely on satellite.

“ Most of the people rely on internet services so once this cable comes in we’re expecting very fast internet speed and we’re expecting a lot of developments for our businesses here on the island , education and health and even for the people here on the island.”

“The cost for the consumers at the moment  i’m not in a position to say how much it costs but it is being discussed between our management and telecom so we’ll just have to wait  for the cable to land here and all the commercials are been done then we’ll let the consumers know how much it will cost.” said Pavihi

Story by Sofaia Koroitanoa

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