USP MBA Lecturer conducts Human resource management training for civil servants

Staff members of the Ministry of Social Services and Natural Resources participated in a Human resource management workshop training this week.

The training was conducted by USP MBA Lecturer Dr Sunia Vosikata.

Dr Sunia said Job Analysis is the heart of human resources management and was more than happy to assist upon the request of Director for Social Services Gaylene Tasmania to host the workshop for their sector. 

Tasmania said it was a great opportunity not to be missed by members within her ministry who capitalized on the resourcefulness of human resources management from expert Dr Sunia before he  leaves the country for a break from his lecturers next week.  

Interest generated from the Ministry of Natural Resources allowed their public servants to also take advantage by participating in the workshops.

In addition to job analysis Dr Vosikata acknowledged the labor shortage issue in Niue and highlighted human resource planning in the workshops as with interview techniques, screening resumes as well as identifying your customers.

It’s also important he noted to recognize the training needs and covered how to approach donor funding for this.

The workshop was held on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

Meanwhile, Dr Sunia Vosikata has great aspirations for a second cohort of post graduate certificate students in Human Resources management for Niue envisioning the potential milestone for graduation here in Niue.

Encouraged by the workshop yesterday and the potential enrollment from those at the workshop he said he hopes to help increase competency levels right across Niue influencing greater hunger for education by all members of Niue’s society.  

When speaking to his students enrolled in the first cohort he advised them that once they graduate with the MBA , it’s not the end for them but the beginning of greater opportunities.

Story by Fiafia Rex

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