Concerns over growing number of feral dogs

The Chief of Police says that he too shares the public concerns over the increasing number of feral dogs.

Chief Tony Edwards says that while the Police department is responsible for enforcing the legal requirements to register dogs on the island, the public must understand that the growing number of feral dogs is a community issue not solely a Police matter. 

The Chief of Police said that the Police will commence with the culling of unregistered dogs by shooting them, but he says some people do not want to shoot the dogs but rather have them euthanized. 

The Chief says that this issue must be dealt with by all stakeholders including the dog owners, the village councils, the animal husbandry division of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and NGOs with the help of the visiting Rock Vets. 

Meanwhile the Niue Tourism Director Felicity Bollen in a statement to BCN news says that the “Niue Tourism continue to be deeply concerned with the dog control problems on the island especially as we move into high season. She says that they do not want a repeat of last year when several visitors were viciously attacked while out for a morning run. Dogs roaming loose also pose considerable threat to our children.”

She said that at recent meetings between stakeholders including the Chief of Police, NZHC, DaFF and the Chamber of Commerce and the Rock Vets they urged the Niue Police to take stronger measures for dog control going forward. 

Story by Esther Pavihi

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