Regional waste management program to help rid island of derelict vehicles

There is hope for abandoned and derelict cars and waste in Niue with a multi-million dollars regional funding.

The Global Environment Fund through their ISLANDS scheme will be injecting $20 Million USD through their implementing agency SPREP.

This was highlighted at the Global Environment Fund Forum held in Fiji last week. 

This fund will provide hope for small islands with the major challenge of ridding the island of large waste such as old heavy machinery and is part of the regional waste management program and a cleaner Pacific scheme.  

Abandoned old heavy machinery and derelict vehicles is an issue for Niue as they are seen around the island and in some cases these old vehicles have been taken to the bush out of sight.  

The $20 million dollar fund is specifically targeted towards the management of chemicals and waste in Pacific Island countries. The Department of Environment will be the implementing agency in Niue.  

The Director of Environment Haden Talagi was at the GEF Forum in Fiji and he says that the planning process has already started so as to expedite this type of funding for Niue. 

Story by Fiafia Rex

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